Beginner Yoga



Focusing on breath, balance, and deliberate placement of the body, gives the early yoga practitioner a strong foundation on which to build their practice. Holding the postures will help build the strength, experience and confidence to move into basic flowing postures. Beginner yoga offers a supportive environment for those new to yoga or for those who are looking to assure proper form and to deepen their understanding of yoga.  Ages 13 and up.

Vinyasa Flow



If you’re ready to dial your flow up a notch, this class is for you! We’re turning up the intensity of our Vinyasa flow to offer the challenging and energized practice you’ve been craving. This isn’t “hot” yoga, but you WILL create your own heat; this isn’t “power” yoga, but you WILL build your strength. Come experience Vigorous Vinyasa! (While this class is by no means limited to the advanced yogi, having taken Vinyasa Flow classes before is highly recommended).

Morning Flow



Start your day with a balance of power and peace. This vinyasa flow class will not only increase strength and flexibility, but also train the mind to be more content and relaxed throughout life's challenges on and off the mat. The ultimate goal is for students to leave class feeling peaceful, powerful and full of bliss.




Yogabilities™ adapted Yoga classes are designed to bring the gifts of Yoga practice to individuals with disabilities who can benefit from a slower pace and simpler instruction.

Classes are typically sixty minutes long, and employ the use of props such as Yoga flash cards, bean bags, and manipulatives as appropriate along with soothing music to introduce Yoga in a fun and accessible way. Yogabilities™ is designed to encourage generalization of stretch and relaxation into daily life. No Yoga experience is necessary. Each class ends with a guided relaxation and most classes include a take-home hand-out for home practice.

Kids' Yoga



Yoga tailored for little bodies and their big developing hearts and minds. We create a safe space for children to learn compassion, acceptance and care for oneself and the world around them. Yoga teaches children the ability to self-regulate and to cope with the everyday stresses and pressures that come with growing up. Classes include guided meditation taught in kid-friendly language, yoga poses to foster body- and spatial-awareness, games that encourage teamwork, and always a ton of FUN. All classes culminate in an age-appropriate savasana (often, surprisingly, the class favorite--even for the always-on-the-move yoginis). Giving children the gift of yoga helps them to plant the strong, healthy roots they need to blossom in life.

Rise and Flow


Get your weekend started right! This practice will help you unwind from the workweek, by moving through sequences  intended to open the body and soften the mind.  By linking your movement to your breath, we will flow through poses which build flexibility and strength, balanced with relaxation and fun!

Restorative Yoga


This gentle and nurturing class is designed to restore your nervous system and help release deeply held tensions from your body and mind. Blankets, bolsters and blocks will be used to support the postures, allowing you to relax as you gently stretch and strengthen your body. All levels are welcome to enjoy this beautiful class.

Slow Flow Deep Stretch


Slow Flow Deep Stretch is designed to restore your nervous system and to help release deeply held tensions from your body and mind. Class will begin by warming the outer layers of your body with a slow vinyasa flow. You will then be invited long seated holds. Blankets, blocks and bolsters will be used to support the postures, allowing you to relax as you gently stretch and strengthen your body. Class will end with an extended savasana. Before leaving your mat, you will be guided through a gentle meditation. This class will provide the opportunity to bring balance to your body and your mind. You are sure to leave with a deep sense of relaxation. This class is appropriate for students of all levels.

Evening Meditation


After Marie's Slow Flow Deep Stretch class, stay for an enjoyable half-hour of guided evening meditation. Each week we will explore ways to breathe more fully, increase our awareness, and stay in the present moment. Drop-ins for this class are welcome!

Spa Yoga





SPA yoga is a 75 min slow-flow, floor-based, whole-body sensory experience based on Fluid Yoga sequencing. By engaging all five of the senses with soft candlelight, soothing music, aromatherapy, lots of hands-on assists and a renewed awareness of taste (and sometimes chocolate!), SPA aligns practitioners with the inner wisdom of deep relaxation. The physical practice takes time to open the body’s subtle energy and prepares students to experience  new depths of awareness in an extended, guided shavasana. During SPA, you may discover extra hands on assists and massages, a calming candlelit room atmosphere, delightful scents and beautiful music in the background. Be prepared to feel like you just walked out of a SPA!